Welcome to the MPT website…a place for technicians to find out about the MPT and its members, as well as to find ways to exchange their ideas, practices, and experiences in the field. Be sure to watch for details on our upcoming convention, an event I look forward to every year. The best of the best in our group share their expertise, warmth, and wit; and we all take advantage of an opportunity to socialize with “MPT family” for a few days. Not only can the technician benefit from this site; the piano owner can also use it to find MPT technicians and learn about the instrument. I invite everyone to participate and enjoy.

– Jack Hamilton, MPT

The MPT Mission is twofold:

 (a) Advance the economic, ethical and social well-being of its members, and

(b) Advance the highest standards of technical proficiency in the piano servicing industry.

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